Why I'm Here

The main reason I can give for starting this blog is this: I love movies.  I love the way they entrance people and pull them into another world for any given amount of time.  I love how they teach us lessons and change our lives.  I love how they connect people.  Where else would you find dozens of strangers crowded into the same room, held in such a trance by a single image and story?  Films are the most powerful art form, and they're universal.  It doesn't matter what nation you're from, or how much money you have, or how old you are, the potential to create and appreciate art is the same in everyone.

Another reason I started this blog is because I want to spread the word about great movies with my family and friends.  Not just good movies that are pleasantly entertaining, but great movies that shake you to the core.  My number one pet peeve is when people refuse to watch a movie due to length, budget, language, or cinematography.  The age-old color vs. B&W debate angers me to no end.  I only wish those people who limited themselves in that fashion could truly grasp what they are missing. 

Movies are magic, but so many people fail to see that.  When you waste time and money on the likes of Transformers or Sex and the City, you're failing yourself.  Movies are just a time-waster for much of the population, and everyone who truly appreciates film as an art form should change that.  Everybody should challenge themselves through film.  Find movies that make you think and inspire you.  Find movies that foster and encourage your creativity.  This blog is geared towards helping you with that.  Each blog entry will be an analysis of a film that I consider to be a fantastic artistic achievement (there are no star ratings here).  A lot of the choices will be conventional, but many others won't.  Movies on here will be in all languages and from all nations, no restrictions.  If you don't agree with me about a certain movie, write me and explain why.  I'd love to talk to you about it.  In addition to a review of sorts, each entry will contain some technical information about each movie, including a quick parental summary ('cause I know it's hard to find those kind of reviews about older movies).  Posting will probably be staggered, so don't expect a new entry every day (or week, even).  If you have a suggestion about a movie you think I should watch, I'm certainly open to it.  

Hopefully this blog will foster some thought and discussion, and will open some eyes.  That's my hope.  Thanks for visiting.


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